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5 Fun & different Bachelorette-party ideas

5 Fun & Different Bachelorette-party Ideas

Bride-tribe, this one is for you! Going out for drinks to a couple of bars, dancing and an all-round good time.. classic bachelorette party situation. Classics are classics for a reason, right? What is a bachelorette party without penis straws, drunk girls and lots of ‘whooo-ing’? But what if that is just not bridey’s vibe? There is only one thing a bachelorette party MUST have – and that is fun! The rest is up to you…

Maybe you live in a small town and your going-out options are just really limited. Or perhaps your bridey is very uncomfortable with a classic bachelorette. Whether you are just looking to add some fun and unique activities to your bachelorette party, or you want to do something completely different.. we’ve got you covered.

The Murder-mystery bachelorette:

It was the sister-in-law in the library with a dagger… If bridey, like me, loves a good mystery and loves to solve puzzles, then put a spin on the classic scavenger-hunt and throw a murder-mystery party. A real-life version of cluedo. This is a unique, fun and interactive way to get everyone involved and acquainted  with each other. Odds are few have been to a bachelorette party like this – it will definitely be memorable! It doesn’t have to be murder – a stolen ring or missing groom will suffice. You can take it one step further and combine it with brideys favorite book or movie… Harry Potter and the missing diamond…

You could have an expert help you with the details or have them plan the entire thing using South-African Murder Mysteries. If this seems a bit much but you still like the puzzle-solving element – maybe try an escape room. Visit for escape rooms near you.

Clubbing in nature: for the outdoorsy or adventurous bride-to-be:

Ditch the night lights for fresh air, stars and tree-tops. The perfect de-stress before the wedding. There are so many ways to do this, depending on exactly HOW outdoors and adventurous you want to be. Day activities could include things like a game drive, abseiling, river rafting, hiking, or any fun outdoor activity you all enjoy. If you prefer not to do a workout while you party (I hear you), you could simply do everything you would have done indoors – outdoors (just bring ice and sunblock).

You can make an entire weekend of it and go full-on camping. If a camping trip is TOO outdoors for everyone, opt for the slightly more expensive glamping. Here is an article with 8 awesome glamping spots in South-Africa. Remember if you’re booking a lodge to ask them if your loud music and midnight ‘whoo-ing’ will be allowed…

The winner-takes-it-all game night:

This is not necessarily a booze-free or PG13 event by any means, but it could be! It all depends on what you choose to do… If staying in and having a massive game-night/sleepover is more your brideys vibe, it can be really fun and a good way to get to know everyone before the wedding. All games can have a bridal theme… 30 seconds, charades, pictionary or truth-or-dare –  bachelorette edition. Some bridesmaids even go as far as to create a custom boardgame just for the occasion (no pressure!).

You could play classics like bra-pong or challenge each other to good old fashioned beer (or brutal fruit?) pong. Pop some popcorn and watch some of our favorite wedding movies with great wedding-planning lessons to learn

If movies or board-games don’t sound perfect just yet – consider a pamper party or just an at-home informal dinner party (like a burger or waffle station with some colorful topping options). This is perfect for a bridey and bride-tribe who just prefers to stay in, but still have fun! Or if your town offers very few viable entertainment options…

The reunion road-trip weekend:

Did you all meet at varsity or school? Or maybe the bride lived elsewhere and most of her friends still live there? How about a weekend bachelorette party (already loving this)? Combine this with a road-trip back to brideys hometown, varsity town or wherever you’d like a fun road trip to go! This way, you can all relive your youthful impulsive road-trip days (just a planned-impulsive this time), and you could involve as many of her friends as possible.

Friday you travel, go out for some drinks or dinner and just catch up with everyone. Saturday morning have a much-needed breakfast, the afternoon maybe do something relaxing and location specific – like going to the beach, having a picnic, spa-day, gin-tasting, hiking, exploring or even just shopping or hanging out. The evening is the real bachelorette party where you spoil (and sometimes slightly embarrass – not too much) the bride, and just have some fun.

If going out and drinking is not your vibe, you can do something silly like going to see a movie in your funny outfits, game night, have a sleepover or a braai at home. Or again – maybe something location specific – what does the area have to offer? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on activities. The idea of the road-trip is the adventure itself, getting to  to know each other or catching up with old friends, having fun and relaxing!


This is definitely an easy one to plan, as the event will do the planning for you. Book tickets to a music festival or concert, comedy show, circus, or any fun event near you like a beer festival, wine and chocolate expo, gin festival or maybe even something like a rugby or cricket match if you love that sort of thing. The fun part is – you don’t really need to do much in the way of entertainment, and besides the ticket there are very few other expenses (unless you’re buying all the drinks). When you start planning dates for the bachelorette, check online to see if bridey’s favorite artist or a fun festival coincides with your date…

Anything goes…

Whether you choose to do a 5K -colour run, cooking class, pool party, tea party, or good ol’ clubbing – as long as the bride-to-be is comfortable and having fun, anything goes!


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